This week, Carly Doyle is our host with the awesome Bryce Newberry by her side. They will tell you all about the newest engagement in Hollywood as well as the many hair-colors of Ryan Seacrest as we reminisce about American Idol. We’ll keep the Idol coverage going as Halla gives you news on the last show, with celeb cameos as well as who won it all on the fifteenth and final season. Our own Melanie Abramoff covered the musical “42nd Street,” which was at ASU Gammage (because we’re not just music-, film- and TV-lovers here at Cronkite Cut: We also LOVE musicals.) Nicola Brennan has your info on the latest TV shows and movies out, such as Scandal and The Boss. Did we forget to mention that we also like cars here, specifically Tesla cars? Bryan and Marc have news on the new Tesla Model 3.

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