Pink Slip

By Lauren Bukoskey


Kyle Buckley, who goes by Pink Slip, seems like just any other Belmont University student… if every college student were signed to a music label.

The newly signed musician almost ended up going to Arizona State University since both his father and brother went there but “I literally flipped a coin [to decide],” Buckley said.

The decision to move to Nashville has definitely worked out in his favor, as Pink Slip has been signed with Big Beat, Atlantic Records’ electronic music division. Buckley just released his first EP titled Pink Motel, in which he wrote, produced, and played the instruments for each of the four songs with different singers featured.

“If I start a song with a drum beat I know the product of the song will be very beat driven. sometimes it starts with some chords, and then drums and vocals, so sometimes my friend comes with some vocals. That’s what keeps it fresh if I just copy and paste it and kept it the same it would get boring quick,” Buckley said.

Although every song gets produced in a unique and individual form, Buckley does have a favorite: “My favorite [on the EP] I got to create was ‘Best For You’ …I created the beat and the keys and the drum a while ago I had the beat with just the chords and me and Estef [the singer of the song] got in the studio and wrote it and put it together,” Buckley said.

Being located in the country music capital of America, Nashville, Tennessee, the country scene seems to dominate the industry, but Buckley says that’s not necessarily as true as it seems.

“I think Nashville is definitely known as a country town but there’s so much music regardless of genres and… I think for where I am it’s an advantage because there is so much country music I stick out and I’m a little bit more memorable,” Buckley said.

As far as what Buckley sees next for Pink Slip, his ultimate goal is to win a Grammy but, for now, he is content creating more music.

“I’m definitely focused on the next 6 months to throw out some bangers and see what works live.”

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